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The school of hard knocks with Jerome Myers

The school of hard knocks with Jerome Myers

September 13, 2021

Join your host Cody Lewis as he talks with fellow multifamily investor and podcaster, Jerome Myers. They discuss how Jerome spent much of his early multifamily career learning and gaining experience the hard way. Jerome goes onto explain why investing in a mentor can save you time, money and headaches. 


About Jerome:

Jerome started his career as a civil engineer building businesses in corporate America. In 2009, he transferred to a consulting firm. As he built a strong reputation in the industry, he had the opportunity to build up a construction company to 175 people and $20M in revenue in 1 year. That is when he got interested in real estate. However, when he had to lay off half of the company’s workforce, he decided to leave the corporate world and focus on his real passion. He started to educate himself in real estate investing and hasn’t looked back ever since.


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Trusting professionals with Julia Bykhovskaia and David (Viacheslav) Davidenko

Trusting professionals with Julia Bykhovskaia and David (Viacheslav) Davidenko

September 9, 2021

Join your host Cody Lewis as he talks with David Davidenko and Julia Bykhovskaia. David talks about the importance of having proper due diligence. On an early property constructions issues found after the purchase caused him to not pay distribution for a year. Julia talks about a similar situation while dealing with an insurance claim. Specifically knowing what type of license your contractor needs.


About David and Julia:

David (Viacheslav) Davidenko is a full-time accredited investor from Austin. He is a respected, profit-driven entrepreneur and general management professional with a stellar career history of achievements investing in highly successful businesses. David is a Founder and CEO of the Hi-Tech company, the silver prize winner of Forbes magazine’s “The School of a Young Billionaire” competition. He has invested all-time as a GP and LP in 22 multifamily properties, almost 4,000 units altogether. David is a managing partner and co-founder of Leander Springs, a mixed-use new development project with retail, restaurants, entertainment, hospitality, office and residential components with a four acre lagoon in the middle, that upon completion should be worth more than $1 billion.


Julia Bykhovskaia is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Sunrise Capital. With her exceptionally strong finance background, Julia is focusing on deal underwriting and asset management. In her past, Julia was an experienced investor in public and private companies, working as securities analyst who started her investment career in 2003 as a research analyst specializing in high yield/distressed corporate bonds and worked at various hedge funds, including Schultze Asset Management, Concordia Advisors and BulwarkBay. Julia was also a part of a Workout/Debt Restructuring team at Credit Suisse and Loan Syndication & Trading Department at BNP Paribas in NYC. Julia earned a BS in Entrepreneurship from State University of Management in Moscow, Russia and an MBA in Finance from New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business and is a Charted Financial Analyst.


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Jumping from multifamily to single family with John Rickgarn

Jumping from multifamily to single family with John Rickgarn

September 8, 2021

Join your host Cody Lewis as he talks with John Rickgarn. They discuss John's desire to get into real estate and why he moved from multifamily to single family. John explains the biggest challenge he's faced with property taxes and how he found the solution! 


About John:

Having lost both of his parents to cancer by age 16, John realized that the typical path of getting a job and investing in a tax deferred account for retirement may not work for everyone.

In 2014 after having his “aha” moment, John set out educate himself on building passive income streams.  In 2016, he bought his first investment property:  a fourplex by pulling money OUT of his Roth IRA.  In 2019, John left his “safe and secure” corporate sales job of 12 years to pursue investing full time.  In 2020, John created to share his journey with others and educate others to find their path to financial freedom.


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Investing in an economic downturn with Jennifer Beadles

Investing in an economic downturn with Jennifer Beadles

September 7, 2021

Join your host Cody Lewis as he talks with Jennifer Beadles. They discuss how Jennifer got started investing during an economic downturn. Jennifer shares the lessons she learned with our audience that helped shape her future strategies!


About Jennifer:

Jennifer Beadles is a value-add real estate investor, coach, and investment-focused real estate broker with a portfolio of just under 250 units across five states. Jennifer has 14 years of real estate expertise and has worked with a variety of investment strategies, including BRRR, value-add multifamily, build-to-rent, assisted living, private financing, and out-of-state investing.

Jennifer is passionate about helping families build wealth and passive income streams through real estate investing and living a life by design.


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Dealing with toxic inventory with Dan Lewkowicz

Dealing with toxic inventory with Dan Lewkowicz

September 6, 2021

Join your host Cody Lewis as he talks with Dan Lewkowicz. They discuss how Dan started out buying properties in Detroit during the winter which turned into toxic properties during the summer. Dan speaks about the advice he got that helped him learn what he needed to do and how to prevent it in the future.


About Dan:
Dan Lewkowicz is a seasoned real estate veteran with over a fifteen years of experience in many facets of the real estate industry. Starting his career “house hacking” he quickly moved on to flip houses in and around metro Detroit and eventually created a company called Renaissance Real Estate Ventures which specializes in the acquisition, financing, renovation, and resale of single-family residential properties in the booming city of Detroit, Michigan. 

Before forming The Lewkowicz Group at Encore Real Estate Investment Services, Dan was a Senior Advisor at a national real estate brokerage specializing in commercial real estate investment sales. Dan is also a former business development executive for Amazon in Detroit Michigan. 

Currently, Dan is director of investment sales at The Lewkowicz Group powered by Encore Real Estate Investment Services and specializes in shopping centers, medical office buildings, industrial fulfillment centers, and automotive repair and parts stores. Of lesser known fact, Dan possesses industry leading knowledge on cannabis cultivation and its impact on the economy in general, and industrial commercial real estate specifically. An expert on Multi-Family and the current economic undercurrents facing this asset class in today’s #postcovid world, Dan often expresses the incredible opportunities for investors of all sizes. Dan resides in Burningham, Michigan and enjoys running, lifting weights, yoga, and playing acoustic guitar.

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Overcoming a bad first experience in student housing with Zach Feldman

Overcoming a bad first experience in student housing with Zach Feldman

September 2, 2021

Join your host Cody Lewis as he talks with Zach Feldman. They discuss how Zach's first experience in student housing and overcoming a horrible third party management company. Zach talks about the valuable lessons he learned that ultimately helped shape the principals for his current company. 


About Zach:

Zach spearheads the company’s new development efforts around the country focusing on sourcing and underwriting new opportunities. In addition to his responsibilities targeting new markets, Zach also concentrates on pre-development, capital markets, and investor relations.

Prior to joining Aptitude Development Zach launched ENJOI 77 HOLDINGS, a real estate investment company specializing in student housing and multifamily investments in the Northeast. In addition to starting ENJOI 77 HOLDINGS, Zach was the Director of Operations and Growth for Leiter Property Management, managing over $1B of real estate throughout Brooklyn.

Outside of work, Zach is focused on The Wildcat Fund, a non-profit organization he co-founded that provides mentorship and college financial aid to students of color from his high school alma mater.

Zach received his bachelor’s degree from Elon University where he majored in Finance and double minored in International Relations and Economics


Connect with Zach:


Going over your renovation budget with Lauryn Meadows

Going over your renovation budget with Lauryn Meadows

August 30, 2021

Join your host Cody Lewis as he talks with Lauryn Meadows. They discuss Lauryn's journey in real estate including going $70,000 over budget on renovations. Lauryn explains several of the issues and challenges that burdened the property. She then goes into what they now do to prevent these types of mistakes again.


About Lauryn:

Lauryn Meadows started investing with her husband, Clint Meadows, in early 2017 with a flip house they purchased for $2,500. 

Their company, SkyOx, has acquired 15 rental units by utilizing the BRRRR strategy. SkyOx’s goal is to focus on value add real estate that improves communities, resident’s experience, and profits. 

Lauryn and Clint co-create the Tri-State Real Estate Investor group with another local investor, Paul Castle of Cresent Moon Properties. The group is active on Facebook where we discuss local laws, real estate strategies, best contractors and so much more. The group also hosts meetups where investors network, or we have a local professional guest speaker. The group was designed to bring real estate investors and professionals together from the KY-OH-WV tri-state area. 

Lauryn graduated from Marshall University with a bachelors degree in advertising, and is a Realtor in the state of Ohio. Lauryn is also actively working a W2 corporate job while scaling the flip business, and rental portfolio. 

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Shinny object syndrome with Sam Wilson

Shinny object syndrome with Sam Wilson

August 26, 2021

Join your host Cody Lewis as he talks with Sam Wilson. They discuss how Sam kept going down different paths and ventures early in his real estate career, causing him to not master any of them. Sam talks about how this caused him to delay scaling his business and becoming a "deal junky". 

About Sam:

Sam is an active investor in self storage, parking, multi-family apartments, RV parks, single family homes and host of the How to Scale Commercial Real Estate podcast. Sam holds his bachelor’s degree in business finance from the University of Memphis and holds his real estate license in Tennessee. In addition to his years of real estate experience, he also has a diverse background in business ownership and management. Sam’s current focus is presenting nationwide investment opportunities for his personal and his investors’ portfolios.


Connect with Sam:

Passively investing in multifamily syndication with Dr. Jeff

Passively investing in multifamily syndication with Dr. Jeff

August 25, 2021

Join your host Cody Lewis as he talks with Dr. Jeff Anzalone. They discuss how Dr. Jeff lost $50,000 in one of his first larger real estate investments. Listen to the whole episode to understand why he didn't quit investing after that!

About Dr. Jeff:
Dr. Jeff Anzalone is a full-time practicing periodontist in the great state of Louisiana, author and founder of

His focus is on helping doctors and other high-income professionals create passive income from real estate so that they can STOP trading their time for money.

Connect with Dr. Jeff:

Getting over the limiting mindset with Sterling White

Getting over the limiting mindset with Sterling White

August 24, 2021

Join your host Cody Lewis as he talks with Sterling White. They discuss how Sterling overcame his limiting mindset to realize his true potential and dreams. Sterling goes on to talk about recommendations for others that might be stuck in the same limiting mindset!

About Sterling:
Sterling is a multifamily investor specializing in value-add apartments in Indianapolis and other Midwestern markets. With just over a decade of experience in the real estate industry, Sterling was involved with the management of over $10MM in capital, which is deployed across an $16MM real estate portfolio made up of multifamily apartments. Through the company he founded Sonder Investment Group, he owns just under 400 units. Sterling was featured on the BiggerPockets Podcast and has been a top contributor since 2014, with over 200 posts on topics ranging from single-family investing and apartment investing to wholesaling and scaling a business online.

Connect with Sterling:
LinkedIn @sterlingwhitellc
Facebook @sterlingwhitefan
Instagram @sterlingwhiteofficial
Youtube @sterlingwhiterealestate
Podcast @therealestateexperiencepodcast

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